University Of Bologna – Alma Mater Studiorum

The Studium in Bologna is the first home of free teaching, independent from ecclesiastic schools. Irnerio’s law school marks the birth of Western universities.

Medicine and philosophy, hard sciences and mathematics, engineering and economics are the major subjects of a university that becomes an undisputed international authority in all fields of knowledge. From Bologna to the world, from the world to Bologna: the University sends and attracts scientists and scholars, creating an increasingly broad network of relations
The 11 Schools are the organisational structures that coordinate teaching activities, combining uniform and complementary subject areas and guaranteeing the quality of teaching and student services. 

The 33 Departments are the University structures in charge of organising scientific research and teaching and learning functions the following areas:

Multicampus: an opportunity to connect territories and spaces.84,724 students5 main campus and more than 6.000 staff unitMore than 1.600 parking lot for bicycles in University site In University of Bologna there is a new strategy for 2020 for the reduction (<20%) of traffc flows by car):-220.000 car passengers/day moved on other modes+ 60.000 by walk+ 77.000 by cycle+ 82.000 by public transportation system      in particular:      +40.000 urban buses      +14.000 sub-urban buses+28.000 local railways    Existing local public transportation in Bologna city: overall 1.012 buses, 473 operating in urban area, connecting main city nodes and able to reach any university facilities everyday. Within them are present two services: 1 specific shuttle bus for university needs connecting train station to main campus in very center (Line “C”: 139 passengers per day) and 1 specific shuttle bus for university need connecting train station to two suburban campuses (line “35”: 3.500 passenger per day).