Valencia is the Mediterranean Bicycle Capital. The 2017 spring of the Spanish city is animated by Bicifest Valencia, a beautiful initiative at its first edition, devoted entirely to sustainable mobility, creativity, enthusiasm and vitality.

Bicifest Valencia aims to create meeting spaces for the fast growing cycling community and the city.

The University of Valencia, among the partners of the CAMP-SUMM project, co-funded with the European Regional Development Fund under the Interreg Med program, is participating in this event promoting the use of bicycles and green mobility systems .
Bicycle use is improving the traction in cities as it is the healthiest, most economical, energy efficient and fun one.
Moving on a bicycle helps to reduce air pollution and noise, to reduce the circulation of cars and therefore to decongest the traffic of the city.

In addition, the bicycle is a useful means of transport for the protection of the environment, as it reduces air pollution and health, as it favors movement, and according to some studies it also increases concentration and learning abilities.
Attention to the environment, including through the use of bicycles, is generating many initiatives and projects linked to the world of work, inclusiveness, accessibility, innovation, training, technology, design, Tourism, leisure and sport.
Discover Valencia's Bicifest program scheduled for May 31:  use of new technologies.