CAMP-sUmp, mid-term meeting in Athens

A strategic meeting for CAMP-sUmp on 27 and 28 June in Athens

Sustainable mobility, low carbon strategies, energy efficiency, innovation.
These are the objectives of the CAMP-sUmp project, co-funded with the European Regional Development Fund under the Interreg Med program, aimed at improving mobility in the Mediterranean area.
The CAMP-sUmp project is developed thanks to the collaboration between the University Foundation Magna Graecia, the leading subject, and the universities of Athens, Valencia, Cyprus, Split, Malta and Bologna.
A strategic meeting for CAMP-sUmp will take place on 27 and 28 June in Athens, during which a comparison will be made on the state of progress of the European project and the strategies to be undertaken to improve mobility in the Mediterranean area will be discussed.
During the meeting, the results of the studies carried out in recent months by the CAMP-sUmp project experts who have identified the criticality of existing mobility systems through interviews and questionnaires will be announced and the Action Plan for Sustainable Mobility The model for the use of new information technologies and new communication tools for transport services.
At the meeting held at the University of Athens, in the Department of Transport Engineering, besides the representatives of the universities involved, will be also participants of interest and representatives of some local, regional and European institutions, already involved in the CAMP project -sUmp.