CAMP-sUmp will present at MADE IN MED in Rome on 18-19 april

Built on the concept of Fablab: "Fabrication Laboratory", the MADE in MED event will present the first results of our 90 projects through a conference and an exhibition. These two days will be an opportunity to convey the idea and values of co-working, knowledge sharing and innovation but also to look towards the future of cooperation in the Mediterranean.

The conference will be articulated around 3 parts that will go crescendo:

1.    The technical part (day 1): It will be the time to present our most successful results/initiatives and how they have a significant impact.

2.    Scaling up strategic actions with PANORAMED (day 2): taking strategic/political action to an upper level, PANORAMED partners will present how they intend to capitalise on project results to feed new projects and influence policies.

3.    The political part (day 2): current vision of the future of cooperation medium to long term, and how Programmes, projects and stakeholders fit in.


  • Through the concrete results of Modular, Horizontal and Governance projects, illustrate how the Interreg MED Programme architecture has become a “living” integrated process with tangible contributions, where thematic communities speak in one voice.
  • Demonstrate the added value of transnational cooperation and more specifically of the Interreg MED Programme by showcasing project results from a transversal perspective;
  • Encourage integration with other programmes;
  • Reinforce our message at local and European policy level.