CAMP-sUmp’s main achievements and final event

CAMP-sUmp (CAMPus sustainable University mobility plans in MED areas) is a European research project co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund, aimed at improving the tools for planning sustainable urban mobility in universities’ campuses of MED area.

CAMP-sUmp project develops  innovative mobility strategies aimed at improving the flows of people moving every day to and from the University Campuses, like students, teachers, researchers and administrative technical staff, and their integration with urban areas where campuses are located. The Partners of the Project are the University of Catanzaro (Lead Partner), the National Technical University of Athens, the University of Malta, the University of Valencia, the University of Split, the University of Cyprus and the University of Bologna.

As part of the "Work Package" 3, the activities envisaged by the project initially regarded the analysis of the current status of the mobility systems of the Project Partner Universities and of their territorial context in order to obtain an exhaustive state of the art data (D.3.2.1 Quantitative data, D.3.2.2 Qualitative information), policies and planning tools implemented or soon to be implemented.

Then, on the basis of information and evaluations collected during Local Working Groups, which involved experts and main stakeholders, a SWOT analysis (D.3.3.1 SWOT Analysis) and a GAP analysis (D.3.3.2 GAP Analysis) between current and "desired" status identified the most appropriate policies, measures and tools to improve the Universities’ mobility systems.

In these last two months of work (the end of the project is scheduled for April 30th, 2018) the main expected outputs will be achieved: the Action Plan and the Roadmap model for Sustainable University Mobility Plans for the implementation of the action plan. It will describe steps and tools, and it will ensure commitment of decision makers, consistency and viability of the action plan implementation in term of social, economic and environmental sustainability. The Roadmap will also help improving capacities of public administration on sustainable mobility planning in University Campus. An ICT instrument model for Sustainable University Mobility Plans, based on selected requirements for interaction between different actors and planning instruments, will define the tools for planning, managing and monitoring sustainable mobility in University Campuses and will be implemented by the project.

The drafts are currently being analyzed. The final meeting in Valencia is scheduled at the end of March (26th and 27th), where the project will discuss and analyze the achieved results.