Sustainable mobility in the Mediterranean area

The CAMP-sUmp project was presented during the press conference of Catanzaro (Italy)

Seven universities together for achieve an ambitious goal: to make mobility sustainable in the Mediterranean area.

For this purpose, the project CAMP-sUmp, co-funded under the Interreg Med program with the European Regional Development Fund, was presented this morning during a press conference held at the Bioscience building at the Magna Graecia University in the margins of A two-day comparisons useful in defining the strategies to be undertaken for future experimentation of sustainable mobility services.

The CAMP-SUMM project, which is the foundation of the Magna Graecia University Foundation, is being developed in collaboration with the universities of Athens, Valencia, Cyprus, Split, Malta, Bologna and with various institutions, including the Ministry of Transport of Cyprus, And the Province of Catanzaro, the Calabria Region and Legambiente Calabria.

During the conference, attended by Rocco Savino, Vice-President of the Magna Graecia University Foundation, Antonio Mantella, Director General of the UMG Foundation, Maria Attard of the University of Malta, George Yannis of the University of Athens and Francesco Pilati of the University of Bologna , in the presence of the other partners involved, the details of the CAMP-sUmp project have been illustrated with the aim of promoting low-carbon strategies and energy efficiency.

The project, formulated in modules, provides, after a first phase devoted to studying and analyzing the context of mobility, the realization of a common plan combining innovation and sustainability.
Thanks to the CAMP-SUMP project, a working group that will facilitate dialogue between local institutions and stakeholders, paying particular attention to the needs of students, will undertake extensive studies on mobility systems in the Mediterranean area with the aim of To design an effective action plan inspired by a green philosophy based on university cooperation and the use of new technologies.