Magna Graecia University Foundation


The “Magna Graecia” Foundation (UMG Foundation, acronym FUMG) was born in January 2011 inside the “Magna Graecia” University of Catanzaro thanks to a national law (art. 59 comma 3 legge 23/12/2000, n.388) which gave the opportunity to create private entities able to provide teachers, students and researchers services and support Universities in terms of teaching improvement, research, innovation and internationalization.

The Foundation places side by side to the University but, more in general, wants to be a point of reference in the Educational field for the local context, trying to foster quality and improvement of research in order to become the practical connection among several institutions from the public and the private sector. 

In Magna Graecia University studying 11.000 persons and working 178 TECHNICAL & ADMINISTRATIVE staff University, 236 TEACHING staff, 300 EXTERNAL COLLABORATORS (professors + researchers), 600 TECHNICAL & ADMINISTRATIVE staff University Hospital.
Transport services for the campus by public bus (7 Urban Bus Lines), private bus, taxi and private car.

Official website Fondazione Umg: